Author: Himanshu Shekhar

Do You Have Indoor Air Pollutants In Your Home

As cooler weather approaches The Bay Area, homeowners are getting ready to “seal” their homes off from the outside until Spring arrives (hopefully sooner than later).  While sealing your home off from sometimes cold and rainy winters, it also means that you are sealing in your indoor air.  It’s a fact that indoor air pollutants […]

Mastermind Escape Rooms

Get locked in a room with a mission in hand and 60 minutes on the clock. Can you escape before you get locked away for eternity? Mastermind Escape Room is one of the biggest escape companies serving people with endless entertaining escapes! They have five innovative and immersive escape room locations scattered across the USA. […]

Advantages of using casement windows

A casement window is an exterior window that is connected to its respective frame by one or both hinges on the side. They are most commonly used singly or in sets within a frame, where each is hinged on its side. Casement windows can be fixed or have a removable top or two removable side […]

Choosing a fine Roofing contractor in Belleville

Finding roofing contractors near you should not be a daunting task. With the advances in the Internet technology, almost every aspect of our life can be located online. Not only are the products available online, but there are also a lot of websites that offer services related to siding and roofing installation. When searching for […]

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

Owning your first home can be incredibly exciting. Not only do you no longer have to wait weeks for the maintenance guy to fix your shower, but you have total control over your home. However, home ownership also comes with its own problems at times. Not only will you often have to learn how to […]

Choosing the Right Excavator Attachment for Your Needs

Excavator attachments serve many uses in the construction and mining industries. These attachments may move heavy soil loads, demolish a building, extract earth and ore. The diversity of heavy-duty applications inherently creates the need for numerous tools. Whether you are new to construction or just new to procurement, you need to know the differences between […]