Month: June 2018

Ten Ideas for Kitchen Shelving

If you’re stuck for kitchen storage ideas, you’ve come to the right place. The most important thing is using the space you have as well as finding shelving that suits your decor. There are many benefits of adding shelves to your house. Here are ten ideas for kitchen shelving. Double […]

Six Tips for Designing a Living Room

1. Get the Layout Right Most of us centre our arrangement around the TV. Instead, create designated zones. Think about a reading area, a corner work space or a home office in a cupboard. Create a children’s play area using open shelving. You will need seating, tables, a TV unit […]

Things to Consider When Buying Radiators

With a multitude of styles and designs available, you can transform your home with the perfect radiator for your lifestyle. Easy to install, modern radiators offer something for everyone. Examine the décor in your house. Is it traditional or modern? Radiator designs should enhance your interiors: for example, cast iron […]

How Windows Support Sustainable Design

Windows are an important part of sustainable buildings. With clever construction and technology, your indoor environment can be efficiently cooled, lit and heated. Large windows are more likely to lose or gain heat than smaller ones, and south-facing windows allow more heat and light to enter than north-facing ones. Awnings […]