Day: February 5, 2019

What Is Living In Your Carpets?

Carpets can be a beautiful addition to any home. They can also be a breeding ground for a plethora of disgusting organisms that would have you fleeing the house if you were able to see them up close. Since they are living in your carpets you probably don’t think much […]

How To Shop For A Home Backup Generator

It doesn’t matter if you know it’s going to happen or it takes you by surprise, a power outage is no fun. But they’re more than just an annoying inconvenience, living without power for any length of time can be potentially hazardous to you and your family and cost you […]

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Basics

Hardwood or carpet? The choice is yours but, before you decide, consider how often you want to clean your floors. Both options have their specific requirements for maintaining the look and feel of the material you’re laying down. Carpets need some vacuuming and an annual deep clean. But the best […]