Month: July 2020

Think Your Quartz Countertops Is Safe?

The kitchen is at the heart of the house. And, at the heart of it is the counter. Its use is central in the preparation of food as in a wide variety of family activities which can range from meals and homework to plastic art and science experiments. Indeed, almost […]

Common Summer HVAC Problems

With the summer in full swing, everyone is relying on their air conditioning system to keep them comfortable. That is why the last thing that anyone wants to deal with is an HVAC system that isn’t working properly. There are a few common problems that might be addressed by an […]

3 Great Landscape Design Upgrades To Try This Summer

Wondering how you can add curb appeal to your home in a hurry? Improving your landscaping is a great place to start. Here are three effective ways to enhance your home’s landscaping this summer. 1. Rejuvenate Your Lawn A lush, green lawn forms the foundation for a gorgeous landscape design […]

Preparing a House For Repainting

The first thing that visitors see when they come to your house is the exterior. Whether you are looking for a change or are planning to sell your home soon, adding a new coat of paint to the siding and trim can add value and appeal. Here are a few […]