More people are using their yards for entertaining and gathering with friends. If your yard is lacking a bit of charm, these three quick updates will help make it more welcoming in an afternoon or less.

1. Trim Large Trees

Overgrown trees can be a major eyesore by making your yard look unkempt and uncared for. They also pose potential safety risks. Falling limbs from diseased or unmanicured trees can damage a home, shed or vehicle parked in the yard. If you look around your yard and notice that there are several trees that are overgrown or unhealthy, schedule a tree service Old Lyme CT to determine what trees can be saved and which ones may need to be removed to really make your yard stand out.

2. Clean Walkways

Walkways that are covered in dirt, moss and grit make a big impression — in a bad way. If they are concrete, brick or wood, take a pressure washer to your neglected walkways to return them to a more attractive state. Gravel paths can be refreshed with new materials. While you are focusing on them, consider if adding a decorative edging might help give them a cleaner, more welcoming look.

3. Mulch Garden Beds

Garden beds can really brighten up a yard. However, when they are overgrown and your flowers are being choked out by weeds, they can quickly become a negative feature. Mulching is a simple and quick solution. You can use a physical barrier of landscape fabric to eliminate weeds, then top it off with a thick layer of mulch. Keep in mind that natural wood products will decompose over time and need to be replenished. Recycled rubber mulches are more expensive up front, but they are a long-term solution.

By cleaning the walkways, trimming trees and shrubs and working to tidy up garden beds, you can transform your yard into an attractive and welcoming place to gather with family and friends.

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