There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a plain backyard. There is plenty of room for your kids or dogs to round around and play. However, you can definitely step up your game if you want to enhance the amenities at your house. These are a few things you can consider adding.

Swimming Pool

There is nothing better than cooling off in your own pool on a hot summer day. Whether you want an above-ground or in-ground variety, be sure to check out a sand & gravel supplier Pennsylvania near you for the optimal foundational materials. Make sure you keep the pool clean because maintenance is a big part of owning one. The levels of chemicals such as chlorine are vital for keeping a healthy environment.

Safety is important, especially if you have younger children. Consider investing in a fence to keep them out when they are not supposed to be in there. Never leave kids without supervision while they are swimming. You will not regret learning CPR.

Hot Tub

Similarly, there is nothing better than getting toasty in your own jacuzzi on a cold winter evening. As with the pool, don’t let your kids use it if you aren’t monitoring them. Maintain the same temperature with a high-quality cover because it is actually more expensive to keep the cold and hot water fluctuating. If you are having people over, make sure you have towels ready for them.


A gazebo is a great place to hang out if you want to stay dry. A barbecue grill and some lawn chairs provide the perfect space for social gatherings, day or night. Some people opt for a screened-in version to keep mosquitoes out. Keep in mind what materials you want to use based on the climate where you live.

This list is just a stepping stone. You can also consider a garden, a greenhouse, a horseshoe pit or plenty of other options.

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