A bouquet of roses is what many of us think of when it comes to sending flowers, but the gift of greenery can be much more expansive than that traditional presentation. With a world of flora at your fingertips, there are lots of different ways to bring a smile to someone’s face with blooms. Check out these ideas for unexpected bouquets and flowery gifts.

1. A Floral Message

A fun way to figure out what kind of distinctive floral arrangement you’d like to give is to decide what you’d like to say. Flowers have a language all their own, and you can use that language to create a unique message, such as peonies for good luck or edelweiss for courage. A fantastic way to mix it up with your flower bouquets Boston MA is to seek the aid of a floral designer. Many floral shops have imaginative designers who can help you create stunning bouquets based around your ideas.

2. An Exotic Orchid

If the person you’re wishing to send a floral gift already has a green thumb, why not try something new and give them a potted orchid. Orchids come in an endless variety of exotic colors and designs, and your loved one can experience the joy of the blooms year after year. Be sure to have a floral specialist help you pick out an orchid that will suit the climate of its future home and the lifestyle of the recipient.

3. A Cute Succulent

Want to gift something unique and green that doesn’t require too much work? A succulent is a great solution! These easy-to-care-for plants need very little water and thus can survive even the most forgetful of owners. Succulents come in all sorts of fun shapes and not all have needles, so you can opt for a pet-safe and child-safe succulent, too.

There are lots of options when it comes to giving greenery to friends and family. These are just a few ways to think outside the box with your floral gifts.

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