Moving, lifting and pushing heavy packages, products and materials can be difficult and cause back damage. Carts and trucks are tools that make such tasks easier for workers. These often have shock absorbing casters that reduce vibrations and shock that might transfer from the wheels as they move to the contents of the cart or truck. There are different kinds of trucks used for various functions.

1. Pallet Trucks

You may have seen pallet trucks used in storage or shipping facilities. They are forklifts with two flat forks extending from the front that are raised and lowered using hydraulic jacks. These basic forklifts are used to lift and move pallets and palletized goods. They are also used for loading and unloading.

2. Panel Trucks

These are flatbed trucks used for moving sheets and panels. They may or may not have vertical dividers. Panel trucks are often used for conveying lumber, drywall, sheet metal and other supplies in home improvement and hardware stores.

3. Security Trucks

Security trucks can be pushed around and pulled manually by individuals. Mesh or fencing surround three sides, leaving one side open for loading and unloading. There are usually four casters attached to a base platform. One or more shelves may or may not be present. They are often used for short distance transport, though they are occasionally used as storage.

4. Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are a common, recognizable tool. You may have seen delivery professionals using them to move packages or load trucks. Heavy objects like televisions, fridges, washing machines and dryers are examples of bulky items hand trucks are often used to transport.

Other trucks like tilt trucks are also used for the handling and transport of materials and products. They are manually operated, motor driven or engine driven and are usually specially designed for specific purposes.

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