Air Conditioners Under Rs 50,000 To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Happiness is an air conditioner on a hot summer night. When hot temperatures soar, you don’t need to worry because you have a Hitachi air conditioner. When the budget is low, but the heat is tough, you need one of the best budget models from Hitachi Cooling and Heating. Before you choose an air conditioner, take a look at the best models of Hitachi under INR 50,000.

  • Hitachi Kashikoi 5400X 1.0 TR – RSA512CBEA: The Kashikoi range of air conditioners is priced below INR 50,000 and you will get the experience worth much more. This is a Split AC with 1 ton capacity that is ideal for your beautiful room. It is packed with amazing benefits like Stainless Steel Coated Filter, Wave Blade Design, Soft Dry4 Way Swing, Tropical Inverter Technology, 100% Copper, Stabilizer Free Operation, 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tube, Super Slit Fins, Tropical Design and Eco-Friendly.
  • Hitachi Shizen 3100S 1.0 TR – RAPG311HEE: This one belongs to the Hitachi Shizen range of premium air conditioners that is priced below INR 50,000. Can you believe Hitachi Cooling and Heating has come up with an AC with amazing performance at below INR 50,000? Just check out the features it has. You will love the performance and the feature-packed model that is so amazing. The features are 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tube, SuperSlit Fins, Stabilizer Free Operation, Tropical Design, Penta Sensor, Tropical inverter, Superfine Mesh Filter and Advanced Start-up. If you are looking for a cool summer, this will surely win your heart.
  • Hitachi Shizen 4100S Plus 1.0 TR – RAPG412HEEA: How amazing would you feel when you bring home the perfect range of inverter air conditioner that is below INR 50,000? Enriched with features and specifications, this one is the most recommended one out of all. The model from Shizen Plus is a premium model that comes with a 1.5-ton capacity. You can get amazing features like 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tube, SuperSlit Fins, Stabiliser Free Operation, Tropical Design, Penta Sensor, Ambience Light- Know Your Ambience, Filter Clean Indicator, Superfine Mesh Filter, 43 Quality Tests, 100% Cooling Capacity at 43ºC, Smart Swing and Expandable Inverter.
  • Hitachi Shizuka RAW518HDEA 1.5 TON: This will be a beauty for your home. It is a window AC from Hitachi Cooling and Heating that gets you the right inverter performance. Here you get amazing features like defrosting sensors, auto fan speed, aluminum fins, filter clean indicator, and auto power save mode. You will love these features and get an amazing value for the money you spend.

Because a little summer is needed to experience the wonders of the Hitachi air conditioner, you need these models for sure. Happy summer is just a click away. Hitachi Cooling and Heating has come up with these amazing models in under INR 50000 so that everyone gets to have a cool and comfortable summer.

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