Are you moving to the city soon and are looking for a great apartment? Then you need to make sure you have some of the best amenities in the city. Doing so will ensure that your time here is well spent, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Workout Centers

Living in NYC is a thrill and a workout in and of itself, but you should try to find an on-site fitness center to meet your exercise needs when you live in an apartment. Here, you can meet new people, get in your workout, and stay fit. Some apartment complexes even have pools or hot tubs.

Keyed Elevator Entrances

Safety is critical in a big city like New York, and keyed elevator entrances are a great amenity. These elevators allow only residents to open them up and only operate when you insert your key inside the elevator. And the key also tells the elevator where to go, limiting access further.

Free Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi is blanketed across most of the city and is often as free as the air you breathe. However, the quality can be low – so try to seek an apartment complex that provides high-speed free wi-fi internet. Though you will pay more in your rent, the benefits are huge.

Entrance Guard or Door Person

Door people are a great amenity because they often serve as a security deterrent for many potential criminals. Though these individuals aren’t security officers or trained to handle that demand, most petty criminals don’t want to risk having to talk their way past these professionals.

Pet Bonuses

Moving to NYC can be a bit lonely at first – so you may want to bring along a cat or a dog. However, you’ll need to find an apartment that provides some amenities for your furry friends, such as grooming, pet daycare, and even an outdoor running area.

Move-In Amenities

When seeking out an apartment in NYC, make sure you find some that provide move-in benefits. These include 1-3 months of free rent – perfect as a way to get on your feet in the Big Apple – free utilities (including electricity and air conditioning), one-year free storage for your apartment, and more.

Get Started Today

Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment or a Peter Cooper village2 bedroom option, you have many choices here. Make sure that you do your research and find an apartment that suits your needs as much as possible.

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