Ceiling Fan or A Chandelier – Which Is the Right Choice 

Interior designers would just place the ceiling fan in the middle of the living area and other rooms because there was a belief that the ceiling fan in the middle of the room would cover the whole area when switched on. However, the introduction of chandeliers as an important part of any room that made the interior designers think twice before planning to place the ceiling fan in the middle of the ceiling area.

If your question is whether it is a ceiling fan or a chandelier, then there is no right answer here. Choosing the chandelier or ceiling fan as the centerpiece on the ceiling will be decided based on the type of room and type of work that is done in any particular area.

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Ceiling Fan 

Here are some of the reasons why ceiling fans are an ideal choice.

  • For Air Conditioning purposes 

If your preference is the flow of air within the walls rather than the lighting system, then a ceiling fan is an ideal installation. A ceiling fan is an ideal choice for some rooms in the house and even the official buildings as well.

  • Room Size 

The room area that covers more than 12 feet in width and length can harbor a ceiling fan at the center of the ceiling area. You can then choose the dimension of the wings of the fan as per your requirement.

  • Bug Deterrents 

Ceiling fans when placed at the right position in a room can successfully keep the bugs and even mosquitoes away from the room, every time they are switched on. The nuisance-creating species such as gnats, flies, moths, etc., can be kept at bay with the help of ceiling fans.

  • Elegant Versatility and Functional Lighting Option 

Gone are the days when the ceiling fans were just the means for circulating fresh air inside the house. The recently designed ceiling fans will be designed with the ceiling lighting option as well. You can look through the available options and find the one that works perfectly for any space in your house.


Here are some reasons why chandeliers are an ideal choice.

  • Durability 

Some of the specific designs of chandeliers prove ideal for some of the spaces in a building. They are durable, versatile and can offer years of service with proper maintenance.

  • Aesthetics 

The addition of chandeliers in any room automatically adds a sense of aesthetic value to the house. The suspended lighting with colorful lighting options will make any room look more elegant.

While planning to install chandeliers in any room, you should make sure that there is enough space for the installation. Studies have shown that there should be a minimum distance of 8 feet height from the ceiling to the floor for chandelier installation in any room.

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