When the utility bill rolls in each month, many of us pay little attention to the cost and just submit our payment. While this is certainly one of the easiest ways to manage bills and expenses, you may be missing an important lesson. You may be overspending when it comes to utilities and your home may be leaking energy. This can be both costly and environmentally impactful. Take back control of your energy usage and budget by checking these areas of your home where there are common leaks or insufficient insulation.


Garages were not meant as living space, and this is why this is a particular area of your home that may be insufficiently protected. If you find that your garage does little to spare you from nature’s elements, you may need to assess and address the issues with insulation for your garage door.


Much like the garage door, the exterior and interior doors within our homes can lead to excessive utility expenses. If you have ever noticed a draft, you may actually have heating and cooling leaking out of your home. Temporary adjustments like door draft guards can offer a bit of assistance; however, with older homes or homes with extensive issues, you may also need to consider a replacement.


A common door where many homeowners notice drafts is to exterior spaces or the basement. Basements, particularly unfinished ones have a tendency to welcome drafts, excessive energy use and inefficient heating and cooling. This can also be impacted by an exterior exit to the basement, the level of finish in the space and the original layout of the home and room. While it can be intimidating, addressing the issues within your basement can save you an incredible amount of money.


Windows are similar to doors in that with age, wear and tear and damage, they can become less and less efficient over time. If your window feels unnecessarily hot or cold from the inside, you may want to consider looking into an assessment of your windows and their efficiency. If you notice a deterioration of the window or frames, drafts or an increase in your utility bills, it may be time for a replacement.


Fireplaces are one of the coziest features within many homes; however, this feature may also be betraying you. Not only does this open up an entryway for the outside in to get into your home, but improperly maintained fireplaces can also cause you countless other issues. Make sure that you have a damper and insert for your fireplace to help you conserve your energy.

Energy Audits

If you feel that you may have a problematic energy leak in your home, you may want to consider conducting an energy audit on the property to help you identify your problem areas. Not only can this illuminate your key issues, but it can also help you avoid costly and unnecessary renovations.

If you suspect that you may have an energy problem due to drafts, deteriorating features in your home or excessive energy use, it is time to assess your suspicions. Instead of continuing to deal with the surge in energy use and financial repercussions of that, take the time to evaluate your current home and identify and address any underlying issues.

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