Something many new homeowners don’t anticipate is just how much maintenance and repair will be required. Of course, with a newer home, this is generally reduced, but no matter what, homes need some upkeep. Some jobs are simple and quick enough to do yourself, such as unclogging the P-trap under your sink, but others require specific skillsets and equipment. Here are some household items that you’re better off having a professional help you with.

Air Conditioning Units

AC repair Austin is something that requires specific training, so we recommend calling an HVAC company Austin to handle your repairs. Aside from necessary repairs when your house is getting warmer than you’d like, it’s a good idea to have a professional regularly tune up your unit. As with most things, a little maintenance can go a long way. Some people avoid tune-ups because they’re afraid they’ll be expensive, but these are generally one of the less expensive maintenance fees your house will need. Some home warrantees will also cover the cost of an annual tune-up.

Garage Doors

Many people don’t realize how dangerous garage door repair really is — those springs are wound with so much tension that nobody but a certified garage door installer should work on them. Aside from the safety issues, getting a garage door set to just the right spot can be surprisingly difficult. This is one part of your home that is not only easier to have somebody else handle, but it is simply not safe to work on it unless you have been properly trained and have the right equipment.


Replacing windows is one of those jobs that may seem simple enough, but a professional can take care of it much faster than your average person. Not only that, but if you have a window company handle it, you can absolve yourself from the responsibility of ordering the proper window type or size. Plus, if you break a window during the process, you’re responsible for getting a new one — if an installer breaks a window, they’ll need to make sure you get taken care of. There are so many places a window installation can go wrong that you really are better off paying somebody else to help you out.

Even if you consider yourself handy, it’s worth calling the pros from time to time. Some jobs take much longer without the right equipment, and almost all jobs take longer — sometimes much longer — without the proper training. Aside from all of that, sometimes safety is the biggest concern. If you own a house, plan on calling some experts from time to time for maintenance and repair.

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