Some days you want to relax and be pampered like you would in a spa, but just can’t get yourself to go out to the spa itself. Luckily, the same level of relaxation and relief can be found at home. The perfect at-home spa day is not complete without these four essential self-care tasks.

Facial Steaming

Skincare is the first step you can take toward having the perfect at-home spa day. Facial steaming is an incredibly affordable skincare treatment you can begin trying at home. Start small and learn what techniques you like best. You might start simple with warm towels and find yourself working your way up to a steam shower. Facial steaming not only hydrates your skin but it also promotes collagen and elasticity, keeping your skin looking healthy and young.

Steam Rooms

If you love steaming and are ready for the next step, don’t be afraid to build your own steam room. There are incredible benefits to steam room sessions. Steam rooms not only relieve stress, but they also help promote circulation, clean your skin and help eliminate congestion.

Face Mask

Now that you’ve hydrated you want to lock in that moisture and soak up this downtime. Apply your favorite facial mask or whip up a quick mask at home. A simple cleansing face mask that helps remove acne-causing bacteria can be made with just a few household ingredients. Common masks include mixtures of turmeric and honey or other blends using an oatmeal base. Set up your speakers, play your favorite tunes, lather on your mask and enjoy.

Massage & Stretch

To make sure you’re feeling good inside and outside, set aside at least 30 minutes for a massage. There are tons of options between electric and manual massage tools. Self massagers are more effective than you might think, especially for hard to reach places like the neck or back. Regardless of your level of strenuous physical activity, almost every individual holds tension in their body throughout each day. In order to avoid the negative energy building up and causing you harm, work in a simple massage to get rid of all that tension.

Don’t forget to work these self-care tips into your spa day for a successful day of comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the relief of tension to your fullest potential and make the most of your days off.

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