Know the Material of Your Carpet to Give The Best Cleaning

Do you want to learn how summer carpets are cleaned? It all depends on the carpet material you have chosen, among other things. If you are too busy or don’t know how to clean specific types of carpets, it is best to hire an Austin carpet cleaning company to help you.

Regular Care for Carpets During Summer

Most rugs made with vegetable fibers are resistant and durable. Therefore, it will only be necessary that you follow the tips below in reference to their usual care:

Vacuum your carpet twice a week: Keep in mind that these rugs accumulate dust and it is advisable to vacuum them at least once or twice a week. Otherwise, the dust will circulate through the environment and will be retained in your home. Take care of the finish of the carpet so that it does not fray.

Wipe up spilled liquids immediately: This is very important as the fibers of the carpet will absorb the liquids. One trick is to quickly put a cloth or napkin on top. This will absorb part of the liquid preventing the carpet from doing so.

Summer Carpet Cleaning

These are the most recommended ways to clean your summer rugs depending on their materials. Cotton, jute, sisal, and hemp are examples of vegetable fibers.

Bamboo: use a damp cloth well wrung out so that it does not lose its shine. If over time the fiber loses its shine, it is best to give it a couple of coats of varnish. There are specific products in DIY stores from which you can also choose the color tone you want to give the wood.

Cotton: in the case of these rugs, they can be placed in the washing machine, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the temperature.

Hemp: this material is very durable, so you can wash it by hand. You can also put your hemp carpet in the washing machine, but you have to bear in mind that it will deteriorate the material more than if you do it by hand. Washing the carpet several times will make the material softer.


One of the most common cases is the appearance of a stain on the carpet for various reasons. To clean a stain from a carpet, soak a cloth in soap and water. It is important to always clean from the outside to the inside in order not to spread the stain. If the stain is somewhat deeper and difficult to remove, you can use other mixtures. In the case of wine stains, for example, mixing water and vinegar is very effective.

Chemical Products

Many people use chemicals for cleaning. However, these are very aggressive for the fabric and not just any will do. The recommendation is to try it in the corner of your carpet to check that it will not spoil the rest.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is very helpful to keep your carpets looking great. In addition to cleaning rugs at home with a vacuum cleaner or soap and water, a deeper cleaning is also necessary for which any trace of dirt is removed, so it can look like the first day you bought it. To have your carpet looking its best, you should hire an Austin carpet cleaning service to help you.

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