Everyone loves a new living room, but not everybody can afford it. The good news is that there are many things that can be done on a budget that cost a fraction of buying new. Check out the ideas below and consider some of them as a solution for your room redo.

Paint Makes the Most Difference

The least expensive way to cover a large area is with paint. It can also pack the biggest punch. You can add energy to a room with a vibrant color or add a feeling of sophisticated calm with a pale neutral hue. Add crisp white trim and millwork for a great finish.

Think New Coverings, not New Furniture

So often the first impulse is to run to furniture store after furniture store until you find just the right piece. If your sofa however, is still in good shape and has firm cushions, you could save a lot by having it recovered. You can choose your own fabric and make it an exact custom match when you reupholster. A broken leg on a wooden piece may be fixable rather than tossing it out in favor of a new table or chair. Visit the shop specializing in furniture repair and upholstery Atlanta GA homeowners like using.

Bargain Shop

Many online department stores have clearance or overstock items that are sold at a high discount. You can also ask to see the scratch and dent area in furniture stores as they are often items that can be easily fixed. Some items are cheaper during certain months, such as white sales on linens. Shopping around for such deals is a great way to find rugs, pillows, lamps and artwork to round out the room.

A great way to achieve the room of your dreams is to find a photo in a catalog and shop the look. Find items that will maintain the style even if not the exact item. You can still have a great room even on a budget.

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