Owning your first home can be incredibly exciting. Not only do you no longer have to wait weeks for the maintenance guy to fix your shower, but you have total control over your home. However, home ownership also comes with its own problems at times. Not only will you often have to learn how to fix small problems in the home yourself, but you’ll have to stay conscious of all the little nuances of keeping your home in tip top shape. If you’re a new homeowner looking for tips on a couple of the many ways you can keep your home in great shape, these suggestions are for you.

Consistent Maintenance

Many new homeowners are not aware of how expensive easily avoidable mistakes can be. Consistent maintenance and upkeep or your septic tank is one of those, especially since many of the things we do with our septic tank is never discussed openly. It’s important that when you move into your home, you have your septic tank evaluated and pumped. This should be done in every household three to five times per year. Not having the septic tank pumped can lead to big problems, as the greasy sludge that collects in the tank can get stuck within the system and end up costing thousands of dollars in the future. Search for septic tank draining near me to find professionals that can evaluate and pump your septic system.

Be Mindful Of What You Flush

Septic tank sludge buildup is the main cause of septic issues, and can end up costing hundreds of dollars to fix. To lessen the amount of time in which sludge and grease builds up in your septic tank, avoid putting grease of any kind down your sink or in the toilet. You should also avoid flushing anything in your toilet that is not human waste or toilet paper, including but not limited to harsh chemicals, feminine products, and cooking grease. Proper disposal of these items will increase the life of your septic tank system, and will cost you less money in the future.

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