Landlords are responsible for the upkeep of their properties, and in the winter months, it’s essential to pay extra attention to detail to ensure the roof, gutters, pipes, windows and garden are all in order.

Ensure the heating system is operational

Heating is one of the most important functions during cold spells, so landlords must ensure the heating system is operational. If the temperature drops significantly, there is a risk that the boiler could freeze. However, there are several steps landlords can take to minimise the risk, including bleeding the radiators at regular intervals to prevent the formation of pockets of air, and getting the boiler serviced by a gas safe registered engineer.

Maintain the pipes during the colder weather

Water will freeze in extreme temperatures, and this can result in burst pipes. To stop this from happening, landlords must ensure that pipes are well insulated with no cracks. Dripping taps should be fixed, and once tenants move in, they should be made aware of where the stopcock is in case of an emergency.

Always check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can save lives, and it’s essential they are working. Landlords legally have to install monoxide detectors on each floor. Failure to do so can result in a heavy fine.

Door locks can freeze in winter

The colder weather can make locks freeze, so a preventative spray with lubricant will stop this from happening.

Security is essential during shorter days

Shorter days mean darker mornings and nights, and this is a prime time for burglars to target properties. If the home is empty around Christmas, it can be tempting for thieves. Ensure tenants use a timed security lighting system if they are away. Alternatively, a light that uses minimal energy can be left on.

Those involved in the home buying and selling process can benefit from a property inventory app with its invaluable features. Several companies offer this type of app, including

According to AccuWeather, heating systems should be inspected and cleaned by a qualified professional each year. That extends to water heaters and central heating equipment.

Ensure exterior lighting is operational

Finally, a vacant property can benefit from security lights around the garden and in the driveway to ward off thieves.


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