If you’re in charge of expansion for a college campus, you’re always on the lookout for a new project that takes your campus to the next level. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, always follow these steps when you’re creating a new building.

Work With an Architect

Architects know exactly what’s possible and what’s not, and they know how to make new buildings fit in with your campus’s existing aesthetic. Contact a professional who specializes in architectural design services for college campus before you start drafting ideas. That way, no one on your team becomes attached to an idea that’s not realistic or well-advised.

Focus on Your Purpose

Constructing a new building for the sake of building something is a surefire way to earn your students’ and donors’ scorn. Always have a clear purpose in mind when you plan a development and communicate it clearly to your campus community. For example, does your project give students more room to hang out and gather for events, or does it take the stress off overcrowded academic buildings?

Find Donors

The academic world is experiencing many financial challenges right now, so you shouldn’t take on avoidable debt. Instead, work with your financial team to find the perfect donors for this project. Reach out to alumni and parents who have a connection to your project and ask for donations. For example, if you’re building a new auditorium, contact former music majors or band members for money. Additionally, start a public funding drive where you set up an online form for donations. Get your students involved by offering prizes to people who encourage their family and friends to give.

Ensure that your newest campus expansion lives up to your expectations by following these guidelines carefully. That way, you’re confident that your project helps your school and its students.

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