When you start designing a home or looking to remodel, you learn about all the different types and styles of decor and carpentry. Who knew there were so many options for door handles? Among your choices, and perhaps one of the most important, is windows. Deciding where to place windows, how big they are, and the style can make a huge impact to heating and cooling your house, opening up a room, or simply getting a beautiful view of the outdoors. Even accent windows are important considerations when you’re looking for that extra functional piece of pizazz.

Double vs. Single Hung

There are two different ways to hang your windows, double and single. Double-hung windows have the benefit of being able to open them from the top or bottom. They look similar to regular windows, but offer more utility. These can be especially handy in the kitchen because they’re great at promoting air flow. If you open both the top and bottom panes, then warm air will escape through the top as cool air soars in from the bottom. The only problem with these is that over time the top pane might start to slip out of place.

Single-hung windows are your standard window that open only from the bottom. This is what you’ll see most commonly around houses, and they come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Single-hung windows have a slight advantage over double-hung because there’s no risk of the bottom pane slipping out of place. They don’t however offer quite as much utility when it comes to air circulation, so they might not be the best choice for a room that tends to heat up.

There are tons of types of windows, but the double and single-hung ones will be your starter decisions for outfitting your home.

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