Do you know someone who has recently moved or is planning to move soon? Chances are good that you do; each year, between 10 and 15% of the U.S. population relocates. When friends move, you want to get them a housewarming gift, but it can be difficult to choose something unique. Here are some ideas.


Get the new homeowners a map featuring their location—choose a framed wall hanging or put them to work on a bespoke jigsaw puzzle. If your friends are renting, or moving in the future, give them something less location-specific. Stainless steel tri-fold table screens California can stand on their own as a work of art or wrap around a candle. Available in several standard sizes, these screens are extra versatile because they can be displayed indoors or out.


Many people move to the city, leaving behind their garden. Urban dwellers may appreciate a grow light or miniature composter, enabling them to grow a tiny indoor garden. With your gift, they will never need to settle for grocery store tomatoes, or go without fresh mint.

People who have never lived on their own may not think of the little necessities you find indispensable. Wine drinkers may not realize they need a bottle chiller — but once they have one they will not remember how they got along without it. Give a set of kitchen towels or a welcome mat, which can range from gorgeous to funny, and your friends will think of you every day.


Sometimes, moving means you gain a yard, either because you go from apartment to house, or relocate from the city to the suburbs. In either case, new chores await. Make the mowing less arduous by gifting something fun for the yard. Yard art takes many forms, so you are sure to find something to suit their style.

Wind spinners add personality to the outdoor space, yet take up very little room. Spinners, wind chimes and windsocks may have the added advantage of warding off large pests with their movement and sounds. Statues, from adorable animals to Renaissance replicas, can be found in metal, wood or resin. All can make a lovely addition to outdoor spaces.


Send them off with reminders of home. State outlines are available in myriad items including cutting boards, throw pillows and keyholders. For a truly personalized gift, send a taste of home to their new address: Fill a box with local treats, snack foods, candy bars and dry goods that they will not be able to find in their new location.

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