In the past, homeowners had two choices for elevated decks, wood or composite decking, due to the wood joist framing. Stone, concrete and other materials were just too heavy for this framing system. Today, you can have a fully elevated concrete deck due to an innovative new grid system.


Today’s options allow homeowners or installers to place a simple base system or pedestals that hold up all 4 corners of the paver. If you use pedestals, you can raise and lower them up to 3 feet. They also have significant load capacity, so you won’t need to install additional support for your pavers. New plastic polymer grid systems have been developed to use on stone surfaces that are up to 3 inches thick. The structural load is now supported every 16 inches across a deck surface. This grid system supports stone, marble, concrete and slate tile or pavers.


Traditional systems required that the pavers or tile be laid directly onto the base. Deck underlayments retained moisture, causing rot and mold. In addition, joists would have to be significantly upgraded due to the weight of the pavers.


Traditionally, pavers were laid on prepared ground. This required that homeowners dig down into their ground and fill in the area with a layer of gravel, which had to be compacted. Then, they had to add and level a layer of sand. Then, the pavers were positioned. Using new elevated systems do not require a gravel and sand base. In addition, paver decks typically cost less than wood or composite decks.


During the seasons, your ground freezes and thaws, changing the foundation level of your paver patio. You may also have grass growing between your pavers. Therefore, significant maintenance may be required to maintain the look and functionality of your paver patio.

Poured-in patios may also crack, whereas elevated pavers lock in place and prevent cracking even if the ground moves slightly. In addition, individual pavers can be easily replaced without having to dismantle the whole or a significant portion of the patio to repair cracks.


Stone adds value to your home. It also increases the aesthetic look of your property. In addition, the lifespan of paver patios and decks is significantly longer than a wood deck.

Raised patios expand your outdoor living space and can be constructed to be any size. They offer beautiful, durable options, even in sloped yards. Whether you are expanding, covering or replacing an existing deck or patio, consider installing an elevated deck.

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