Author: Himanshu Shekhar

How to build the garden room perfectly?

The garden room is a partly enclosed and secluded space within a garden. It makes a room-like effect. It has been part of garden design for several centuries. It is a stand-alone garden structure and you can design with natural materials for an extraordinary feel to the property and garden. […]

Home and Commercial Insulation Specialist

If you’re looking for an insulation specialist to help keep your home or commercial building insulated, you may be in luck. Many insulation experts are also home builders. That’s because the two industries share a lot of common ground. Both need good insulation and rely on ventilation to keep their […]

My Hatred for DIY Plumbing Isn’t Without Cause

I am not what you would call a DIY wizard. That notwithstanding, I do possess intermediate-level DIY skills. I can paint with the best of them. I can replace locks, fix broken windows, handle drywall repairs, and even install light fixtures. I can do plumbing as well, but I try […]