A bathroom is a place where you get to wash off the dirt and stresses of a long day and also unwind. As such, the style of your bathroom is just as important as its functionality. When it’s time to improve or remodel your bathroom, installing a shower enclosure is one good idea that comes with plenty of benefits. Remember that the shower is the focal point of your bathroom and significantly influences the aesthetics of your bathroom. Although there are other shower enclosure options like screens and curtains, nothing beats the timeless elegance of glass shower enclosures. Here are some of its perks.

Unparalleled versatility

Glass shower enclosures incorporate a dash of elegance and style to a bathroom of any size, shape, and style. Also, they can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your bathroom or your family’s needs. That means even if you have an oddly shaped bathroom, glass shower enclosures can be shaped to suit it. You can even create a unique 3-wall or 2-wall enclosure to bring out the unique style of your bathroom.

Fully watertight

Many homeowners install shower enclosures to avoid the frustration of having a wet bathroom all the time. Nothing is frustrating like getting into the bathroom in the middle of the night to pee only to encounter a wet bathroom floor. Installing a glass shower enclosure ensures that water doesn’t splash out of the shower, and it is contained in a single spot where it can dry quickly. That also saves you the struggle of having to wipe the bathroom floor after every shower.

It creates a hygienic space.

Microbes and bacterial thrive in the bathroom environment because of the wetness, not to mention mildew that can cause health problems. Enclosing your shower with a glass enclosure creates a more hygienic space because, unlike curtains, molds cannot grow on the glass. Glass is a nonporous material, and it is easier to clean than curtains. You only need to spray a disinfectant and wipe the glass clean with a towel or sponge.

They are stylish

We cannot talk about glass shower enclosures without mentioning how stylish they are. Glass shower enclosures have a timeless elegance and sophisticated appeal that will make your bathroom look classy. You can select a wide range of glass options, from frosted glass, clear and tinted glass. You can customize the handles to compliment the rest of your bathroom decor. Frameless glass shower enclosures feature the minimalistic design modern homes need.

Low maintenance

Glass shower enclosures are easy to maintain. Apart from adding a sophisticated look to your bathroom, they require little to no upkeep. You only have to wipe them clean regularly, and your bathroom looks clean. They are resistant to scratches since the glass used is usually tempered. You also have the option of adding a protective layer for more durability.

The bottom line

Glass shower enclosures are stylish, elegant and contribute to the sophisticated look of your bathroom. They are also functional because they reduce the risks of accidents due to wet bathroom floors by containing the water in the shower area.

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