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How Do Northwest Modern and Mountain Modern Differ?

Modern architecture is somewhat fluid in the sense that it isn’t always clearly defined by a single set of criteria. It all sprang from a movement that emerged during the early 20th century, but that movement has fractured and taken many directions over the years. A case in point is a comparison between Northwest Modern […]

3 Green Initiatives for Your Home

Creating and advocating for a cleaner lifestyle is one of the best ways we can help the environment stay clean as well. With a few adjustments, some simple and some that require more time and money, you can have a greener home too. Save Water Although our planet is over 75% water, most of that […]

Historic Home To Do List

There’s nothing like owning a historic home. Historic homes are unique, striking and full of character. More than that, there’s a sense of tradition there, of being a steward of history. It’s a joy and a privilege, but it comes with responsibilities. If you’ve just inherited a historic home, or you’re thinking of buying one, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Curb Appeal

If you want to upgrade your home’s curb appeal but don’t know where to begin, here are a few ideas to get you started. Consider Adding a Water Feature Whether it’s a small water fountain by the front door or a pond in the yard, adding a water feature enhances curb appeal. Use aeration systems to keep […]

Ways to Upgrade the Overall Look of Your Garden

Are you thinking about giving your backyard garden a significant overhaul? Would you like to add brand new garden railings around your precious plants to help highlight their beauty? You are not the only one who dreams of making significant changes in one of the essential parts of the house. The fact is that many people who […]


Walk around in Courts, Ikea or any furniture shop like Suar Wood by Wood Capitol in search of the perfect solid wood dining table or wooden coffee table. The probability that you have come across suar wood made tables is 99%. Suar wood comes from a tree scientifically known as ‘Samanea Saman’ or ‘Albizia Saman’. […]