process. A real estate contract is often an individual’s single largest lifetime financial transaction. The process is at times complicated and involves long checklists of “to-dos” for every step along the way. Having a home inspected equips you with valuable knowledge.  Here are three benefits of putting a home inspection in Austin high up on the priority list.

1. Identifies Needed Repairs

One important reason to have a property inspected is to find necessary repairs. Houses rely on different systems and equipment that are often taken for granted. When a property is being shown, plumbing or electrical systems are sometimes overlooked. Also, unique conditions in a region or location, like soil type or weather trends, can cause specific kinds of damages to real estate. Knowing what to look for is an important part of inspecting properties. Trained home inspectors, like DBL Check, conduct detailed, location-specific inspections that spot problems. Discovering a costly needed repair after the sale can lead to unpleasant complications. A proper home inspection avoids those complications.

2. Contributes to an Accurate Valuation

Several factors contribute to the fair market value of a home. One of those factors is the sum of the individual values of its parts. Plumbing and electrical systems, swimming pools and custom built-in appliances are part of the home’s total value. A thorough home inspection documents many of these features. Establishing a property’s value is not the goal of an inspection. A home appraisal accomplishes valuation. But information from the inspection report can help with an accurate determination of the property’s value.

3. Documents Useful Details

Homeowners sometimes find themselves needing specific information about a feature of their home. Referring to a home inspection report is easier than climbing into the attic to find a model number for a heating unit. If there is property damage a recent home inspection can be a helpful reference document. Filing an insurance claim is easier when details in a home inspection report are handy.

Embarking on a real estate transaction is sometimes an anxiety-producing experience. Buyers and sellers face what seems like reams of paperwork, deadlines and uncertainty about the outcome. A home inspection is a useful tool to ease worries and document important information about the property. If you are planning to buy or sell a property in Austin, getting a home inspection will add value to the transaction.

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