Cleaning your house is one of the most involving tasks, and if you have a flight to catch or you’re getting late for work, you may be tempted to rush with the cleaning. To clean or de-clutter your house properly, you should use the right cleaning materials and do it the right way.

In this article, we share some of the Denver cleaning service tips on how you can clean your house faster and save some time.

1. Clean the whole house 

If you want to save time cleaning, you should choose one activity and do it in all the rooms. For instance, if you decide to dust or mop the house, you should do that for the entire house rather than doing one room at a time. This way, you won’t feel like you are in an endless cleaning cycle. Take one task and complete it for the whole house before embarking on another one.

2. Have all cleaning supplies and tools 

Another way of saving time when cleaning your house is having all the tools and supplies you need for cleaning the house in one place. Get the tote, caddy, and cleaning bucket close or in a portable place to not waste your time locating them.

3. Pick all the clutter 

The most effective way to clean your house is to begin by picking all the clutter and disposing them the right way. Go from room to room and pick up all the clutter like old sneakers, paperbacks, used magazines, and other unsightly items. You should consider tossing these items away or simply donating them to a nearby second-hand store.

4. Create time for washrooms, tubs, and sinks 

Bathrooms and toilets are the most difficult to clean in any house. Sometimes you may have molds growing in the bathroom or some tuff stains to get rid of. Spray the bathroom, sinks, tubs, and toilets and let the spray settle for3-5 minutes to dissolve all the dirt.

To clear the mold and mildew in your bathroom, you should spray hydrogen peroxide. Wipe the inside of your microwaves and clean the toilets last.

5. Sweep first

If you want to save time mopping your house, you should first sweep all the rooms to remove the dirt on the floors. When you start mopping, begin from the furthest corner as you move towards the door. Rinse your mop after cleaning a 4×4 foot area. This way, you won’t repeat mopping areas you’ve covered before.

6. Move as you vacuum 

When you vacuum the house, you should not remain in one place for longer trying to get all the dirt. Keep moving as you vacuum the whole house. Run the vacuum in every carpeted room in a single pass.

Sometimes you don’t have to repeat some tasks every day when cleaning your house. For example, washing bath mats, waxing the furniture, and cleaning the exterior windows can only be done once a week. Keep checking all the accessories in your home and decide when the right time to clean the house is.




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