Keeping our homes clean is more important now than ever. We are spending more time in our homes and trying to keep germs out and off of surfaces. Indoor air quality is also of big concern right now. Yet when it comes to cleaning products, there are many choices out there and many of them are not the best for your well-being or the environment. You need to be especially careful if you have kids and pets. Turning to green cleaning products can keep your family healthier, protect the environment, and in many cases, cost you less money.

How Can Using Green Cleaning Products Save Money?

If you are running a business, using green cleaning products can help reduce workers’ comp issues. Many workers comp claims submitted by custodians involve a chemical-related problem. If using green cleaning products, there will be no chemical-related problems. Using safer products can also help your surfaces to last longer. Harsh chemicals can break down carpets and surfaces faster. Last, most green cleaning products come highly concentrated. This means that they usually have a high yield and will cost less over time than ready to use products that go straight to the landfill after a short time.

How Can Using Green Cleaning Products Protect Your Health?

The reason for cleaning is to protect our health. This process removes contaminants from our homes. Getting rid of bacteria, allergens, and germs help to keep us from getting sick. Why use chemicals that could make us sick when we clean to keep us healthy? Cleaning chemicals have been linked to a variety of health conditions and emergencies. These include poisoning, chemical burns, cancer, allergies, and asthma attacks. Children and adults who suffer from chronic health conditions can also be negatively affected by harsh chemical cleaning products.

How to Make the Change to Green Cleaning Products?

It’s understandable that you don’t want to be wasteful if you have a house full of harsh chemicals. As something becomes empty, replace it with a green cleaning product. Consider cutting back paper towel use and investing in some good cleaning cloths that can be washed and used again. Take small steps to live in a healthier, environmentally friendly way. If you don’t do all of your cleaning yourself and you hire a company, like Fresh Air Cleaning Colorado, make sure that they use green cleaning products. The staff at a cleaning company that’s dedicated to green cleaning practices can also give you tips for great products to keep around your home and best practices for keeping things clean in an environmentally friendly way.

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