When properly chosen, home décor can transform a boring, uninviting space into something nicer, cozier, and more welcoming. Even though each interior design style is unique, be it minimalist, boho, or rustic, they all share some timeless décor elements that may be adapted to your personal preferences. Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home, rented a house, or want to freshen up your current place, here are 5 décor items that no home should be missing:

Vases and bowls

Classic home décor pieces that look elegant and never go out of style!  While some are made of glass, wood, or clay, others are made of more luxurious materials like quartz and porcelain, so anyone can find something that suits their home design style and budget. Vases and bowls can look great even on their own, but sometimes they can serve an even better decorative purpose when filled with flowers, cotton bouquets, reed arrangements, and seasonal ornaments such as tiny pumpkins or pine cones. Just don’t forget the golden rule: flowers and other decorative plants with long stems should be placed in tall vases, while flowers with short stems belong in smaller ones.

Throws and blankets

Blankets are the go-to choice for interior designers for many reasons, one of them being their versatility: if correctly chosen, they can make any room appear more chic and sophisticated, regardless of its style.  Another reason is, of course, their usefulness. In addition to being a beautiful piece of interior design, blankets keep you warm. When it comes to fabrics, wool, especially the one that comes from Merino sheep, is the perfect one you can choose for your throws and blankets. A merino wool blanket will be cozy and snuggly, but yet lightweight, thanks to the modern knitting technologies that are used to create them. Whether you want a chunky, traditional Irish blanket that will keep you warm in winter nights or you’re looking for a thinner, classier throw that will complement your living room, be sure to check out Keily’s for a wide range of Irish blankets made of high quality Merino wool.


Lighting is very important when you want to create a pleasant ambiance in your home. In order to buy the right lamp that will make your house look better, take in consideration not only its design, but also how many sources of light you have in your room and what king of light you would want to have. Warm light is the greatest option for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the living-room, while cold light is more preferable for an office or any working space.  Another piece of advice is to use a slew of little lamps or lights throughout the room rather than a single large one on the ceiling. It will make the space seem neater, brighter, and more welcoming.


Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any home’s décor. They have the same effect as windows when properly placed, reflecting light and giving the impression of a larger, brighter space. While some mirrors are purely functional, such as the large ones in the bedroom or hallway that can help you in choosing the perfect outfit, others, like a few small mirrors elegantly placed on the walls, serve a more decorative purpose, making a space look even more exciting and having a larger influence on the entire image of the house.


Pillows, another timeless element and a favorite of many designers, can create a pleasant environment. Small pillows serve as ornamental accents and can be rotated through the seasons, while larger pillows may be placed on the ground and used as seats when your guests decide to visit you unexpectedly. They are also especially  important  if you have children, especially small ones, because they can protect them from falling off the bed in their sleep.


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