Accent chairs can help you make the right statement about your space, and this is why they’re highly recommended (and useful) in different spaces and areas, from your bedroom to your living area to your den, dining room or kitchen space. The accent chair’s shape, its base, size, and material or upholstery can help you solidify the theme of a room, and it also helps you express your own style and personality. But if you’re looking for the best accent chair for a space or particular area, here’s how to choose one in the right way.

  • Consider matching form and function

The shape of your chair will definitely affect and impact the comfort level. Think carefully about your situation when it comes to seating, who will be using the chair or sitting on it, and how long they will be sitting on it. If you merely want to add a different silhouette to a room with a chair that will hardly be used, a Wishbone or iconic chairs such as a butterfly chair would be a great choice. If you’re looking for an accent chair that will be used for long conversations and for lounging around, think of a high-back chair with deep seating as well as soft cushions. Some excellent chairs for relaxing include padded barrel chairs, tub chairs, club chairs, and so on.

  • Get inspiration from your existing décor

When you are looking for the best accent chair, think about the forms of your other pieces of furniture as well as your décor. If you are trying to decorate a streamlined room with an accent chair, choose one with a more organic shape and flow so it can complement the room’s existing starkness. For example, if you have a room with tough, masculine interiors, you can opt for a wingback chair to give the room a more feminine appeal with its graceful, elegant curves. Meanwhile, a chair with a sharper and bolder frame in metal can provide a ‘soft’ space a more modern appeal. But if you want to simply reinforce your existing aesthetic, you can choose a chair that can complement the angles in your existing décor and furniture.

  • Mix it with your colour scheme and theme

One of the hardest things anyone can do when looking for an accent chair is to choose a colour. But to choose the proper colour, you should decide whether the area could do with a good burst of energy or a more calming ambience. You can put together your own colour palette by making sure your chair matches with details such as throw pillows, artwork, lamps, a rug, and other decorative pieces.

Here are more tips: if you opt for an accent chair with a white, grey, black, or brown colour, choose one with a unique shape or a rough texture to keep things looking fresh. If you’re looking to place your accent chair in between two spaces, stick to a solid and neutral fabric so it can more easily mix with the theme. If you want to add vibrancy to a room, a chair in a navy or blush shade can add a more subtle appeal to the space and blend in with most colour schemes as well.

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