We all are tired of the cluttered garages and we want to get rid of the unnecessary things as soon as we can. But getting on to it looks pretty difficult, however, with the tips that follow, you can easily manage to organize your garage in just one day.

But before we get on to the organization tips, we would like to tell you that the safety and security come first. Which is the reason why you are suggested to get your garage door repairs in time and secure them as well. check all the electricity connections and make sure that all the switches are working too. It is important to do the preventive maintenance of these things time to time to ensure safety of your vehicles and other stuff in the garage.  Once you know that everything is working fine in the garage, you can safely move on to the decluttering process.

Plan, plan and plan

The decluttering and organizing of the garage is a lengthy and time taking job so dedicate atleast a whole day to it and then start. Before you start, plan everything with your family and assign jobs. It is always good to have someone to help you around in such projects. Now start by taking all the stuff in the garage outside it and then thoroughly clean the garage. Then, check all the stuff that you have taken out from the garage to find out what you have. Keep only the things that you actually need and get rid of all the unnecessary things.


Get good organizers

You can find organizers like baskets of all shapes and sizes, boxes with lids, racks, hangers and a lot of such things in the market easily. Get them and arrange all the things in them. You can assign a specific basket to the tools of all the types. Then inside it, arrange the tools into small boxes. So that when you need some tool you can reach this basket and get what you need. Do not forget to place tags on the boxes and baskets. This will save a lot of your time for future. Then in some other box or basket you can place all the ropes, cables and similar stuff. Make sure that the fire extinguisher hangs visibly on the wall.

Maximize wall space

This is something really important as we need all the floor space for parking our vehicles so utilizing the walls would be essential. If you are not on a budget, you can easily place a cabinet organizer on the wall of the garage. This would cover so many things that you would be delighted to have it. With plenty of cabinets and shelves to place things on, you floor would be empty for the vehicles.


Keep it clean

Take measures to keep the garage clean and for this, you will have to put the floor mats and scrubs for shoes on the entrance.

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