A complete guide on the products you can and can’t put in a storage unit

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The advantage of having a living space is that you can have numerous things which you can use and put to display as per your needs. At the same time, the disadvantage of having great storage is that you have numerous things such as furniture, crockery and more to store and display. This is where storage units come in very handy. You might be under the impression that storage units are perfect for businesses, but you can rent personal storage space as well to keep your belongings safe. Thinking of what you can put in it safely? Here is the ultimate guide for you.


Perfect for storage


Whether it’s commercial or domestic, furniture is great for keeping in storage units. You might be having almirahs, couches, beds or tables which are lying unwanted at the moment in your homes, making it look crowded. Opt for a personal storage unit at stores like Adam Self Store where you get an own premium space to store all your house belongings in one place. For commercial furniture, you can choose the business storage unit as well.


We all have some of our favourite crockery sets which we want to preserve till the end of time. Some are gifted on our wedding day, and some are bought for special occasions. But, if you have kids or pets at home, it’s better to store them away in some place safe before it’s only pieces that you find. You can also use this space for storing seasonal items such as a fishing rod, storage boxes, holiday decorations and more.

3.Antique pieces

Whether it’s inherited or you bought some state of the art antique pieces and artworks, not all of them need to be displayed and eyed by people. Since you need a safe space to keep them tucked away in big boxes, storage units are your perfect option. You can easily store vases, paintings, lampshades and more for keeping them protected from any damage.


The non-storage items

1.Food items

This mainly contains all the perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, milk and more which can be damaged within a few days. Storing food items is highly non-advisable. Such items also include meat, rice and cereals as these attract bugs and rodents and they can lead to more significant damage. Avoid storing animal food as well.

2.Hazardous products

For a general idea, any product which catches fire or is prone to exploding is deemed as hazardous products. Toxic and dangerous products such as oil, grease, cleaners, corrosive chemicals and more along with biological waste like fertilisers all make it to the list. Such products can be highly toxic for any person entering the storage unit and with a little carelessness, they could lead to massive damage. 


No living thing can survive in a dark and enclosed space which brings us to this point. Plants need constant care and nourishment, which cannot be provided in a storage unit. Such units and spaces are meant for non- living things which don’t need light, water, food and fresh air to flourish and this makes it a no-no for plants.

Storage units such as the ones provided by Adam Self Store provide you with excellent quality services, state of the art security systems and a private key to your storage unit which helps you keep your items safe. Another few products which you can store in such units are electronic appliances, gadgets, essential documents and valuable collections. Use this guide to your advantage and make the most of your storage units.

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