It does not matter whether you wish to equip yourself with running water, install toilets at a private event or use it for any other reason because IBC totes are both affordable and convenient to secure a reliable supply of water.

We can also call them Intermediate Bulk Containers, meaning they are essential on construction sites across the US and UK. They are also popular options for events where you have a limited supply of water, meaning you wish to increase access and provide people peace of mind.

The main idea is to learn more about the IBC water tanks, which will help you determine the best course of action. Stay with us for additional information. Let us start from the beginning.

Welfare Units

You should remember that according to the Health and Safety regulations, it is vital to follow each step along the way. The best way to learn more about regulations is by checking here for additional info.

Under the regulations, all employers must provide the workers with relevant welfare facilities including hand basins with running water, toilets, a place to store and change clothing and somewhere to eat meals and rest in case of a need.

We are talking about essential employee rights you must comply with no matter the expenses and inconvenience. Welfare is a necessity for employees, and the law regulates it harshly. Therefore, you should provide them with welfare areas, which will set the tone and demonstrate commitment.

For instance, on construction sites, you should implement a dedicated area. Therefore, you should follow strict codes and requirements for dedicated zones, including:

  • They should feature a specific number of chairs and tables for an exact number of employees that are working on-site at the same time.
  • You should ensure hygienic and clean facilities to eat or prepare food.
  • Access to boiling water is crucial.
  • You should implement proper ventilation in the summer as well as heating during the cold winter days.
  • The environment should be clutter-free and clean.

When it comes to welfare units, you should know they are portable and compact. It means they will offer you the required facilities to ensure your team is comfortable and safe at work. Besides, running water is a crucial aspect of HSE regulations, which is why you should implement IBC totes.

Generally, they come from durable steel, meaning you can find totes that are both mobile and compact. As a result, they are perfect for construction sites with limited space and restricted access. The units feature hotwash facilities, a cleverly designed kitchenette with preparation boxes, and booth-style seating for employees.

Flushing Toilets

Workplaces should feature sanitary toilets according to relevant regulations. Therefore, you should implement one toilet and washbasin for all employees. For instance, if you have a male-only workplace, you can add one urinal and toilet for fifteen employees.

You should offer both running water and a flushing toilet, especially if you wish to boost the portability. If that is not possible, we recommend you use alternatives such as water containers or chemical options.

In best-case scenarios, flushing toilets should be available as much as you can. Generally, plumbing them into the sewage system and main water is the most hygienic and simplest way to install flushing toilets though due to geographical and logistical issues. You can take advantage of IBC containers.

Visit this link: to learn more about IBC regulations and requirements.

They can hold a thousand liters of water, meaning you can take advantage of portable flushing toilets without the main water supply requirements. When coupled with a built-in drainage tank, you can boost the comfort of the toilet without the need to enter the waterboard. As soon as you implement a flushing toilet, you can get peace of mind and comply with regulations.

You should know that public washrooms and toilets are not suitable for onsite facilities. According to the HSE, it should be the last resort option. Relying on public washrooms and toilets is highly inconvenient for most employees.

On the other hand, it is impossible to install mains-connected toilets and facilities with an IBC drainage tank or tote. In these situations, chemical toilets are the perfect solution. That way, you can ensure they are acceptable if you cannot get flushing toilets.

On-Site Showers

When working with hazardous substances exposed to dirt and dust, you should know that showers are a requirement for each employee. In the best-case scenario, portable showers can help you connect with the main water supply for an uninterrupted or constant stream of water.

The main waterboards are not always possible, meaning you should find an alternative such as the IBC tote. You can take advantage of single shower units that use IBC tanks that can hold up to a thousand liters of water. Since the average shower is ten minutes and it uses fifty liters of water, you will get twenty showers with a single tote.

If you need more, you can choose interlocked and stacked options, meaning you can triple or double the water supply and ensure your shower runs longer than other options.

Drinking Water

Another important consideration is providing your employees with clean drinking water. It should be completely clean and contamination free, meaning you can source it from the public supply, but if you cannot achieve that, we recommend you take advantage of IBC totes. It is vital to learn more about Licontec, which will help you determine the best course of action.

IBC tote is perfect because it will offer your employees hydration stations and fresh drinking water without a need to tap into the waterboard. Since they come from tough plastic, they will comply with relevant water regulations. You can find a wide array of IBC tanks that will keep your team hydrated no matter the working conditions.

The main idea is to ensure that filling points are reinforced and secure, meaning you will not lose them due to leakage issues. Tanks should feature tags and locks to ensure the supply remains as clean as possible.

Apart from construction sites, you can use the tanks to secure cheap running water for private events such as outdoor festivals and weddings.

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