Now the summer’s here, many people are looking for ideas to update their conservatories. There are many ways to revamp your home and restyling your conservatory is a great way to welcome the summer. Read on for tips on how to style your conservatory.

A conservatory needs to feel inviting and warm, to lift your spirits when you enter the space. There are so many benefits to building a conservatory, from the views to the extra space. By using the right furniture, plants, colours and accessories, you can make your conservatory your favourite space in your home.

Flowers and plants

One great idea is to bring the garden inside with flowers and plants. Fresh foliage can enliven any space. Combine tall plants with shorter foliage and flowers for an interesting multi-textured look. It can feel wonderfully relaxing to sit in a chair surrounded by beautiful plants.

Consider a swing chair for a vibrant look. This is an ideal reading spot, as the sun will be able to get into the windows easily all round a conservatory. Combine the look with bright cushions and throws and this can be the ideal place to relax, whatever the weather outside.

Rustic appeal

Another great look is the rustic feel, such as French country furniture and pastel colours. White painted walls look fresh and clean, while simply painted furniture can look beautiful, especially if it is offset with pale blue accents and plenty of fragrant flowers.

Choosing beige colours and rattan furniture adds texture and warmth to any conservatory. Floral wallpaper on the internal walls along with floral cushions can help the space feel cosy. Remember to use your personal items, such as photos, trinkets, books and vases to add to the effect.

Use curtains or blinds

When looking for conservatories in Gloucester or any other location in the UK, do your research to find a well-established company with a good reputation, such as The right company can help you create the perfect conservatory for enjoying the summer in any weather.

If your conservatory has floor to ceiling windows, consider blinds or curtains to add warmth and give you more options. They will also keep the sun out on hot days. Soft furnishings are important for adding warmth, while chrome chairs can modernise the look and linen textures can create a cosy feel.

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