Design Your Home To Exact Specifications With An Experienced Builder In Ontario

Finding a perfect home for your family and lifestyle can be a daunting task in Ontario when there are only a few numbers of homes on sale in your chosen areas. Therefore, you may consider renovating your current home according to your exact specifications as a better option.

This is the time when you will need a good and experienced Ontario contractor who can provide the perfect solution for renovating your home.

How to hire the best contractor in town?

Before you start your home renovation project, it is highly recommended to hire the best contractor in town who would meet all the criteria. This way you will save thousands of dollars.

  • Make a list of what renovation and changes you want. Changing plans in the middle of the project will cost extra money.
  • Ask for recommendations from your family and friends.
  • Consider hiring a local company as it would make it easier for you to check references, gain a warranty, and have follow-up work done
  • A good contractor will ask many questions to understand your exact preferences and plan the project.

Get in touch with Cedar Hills Contracting which has an assembled team of project managers and design consultants for completing the exceptional home renovation. Schedule a meeting with their custom home builder North York for the perfect solution of renovating your home to your choice.

They work on ideas and deliver you something better than you have imagined. They visit, design, inspect and provide a variety of solutions for home design. A dedicated project manager will take care of everything and provide you with a smooth and hassle-free home renovation experience.

Know your rights

Once you have chosen a contractor, know your rights and learn what to include in your contract with them.

  • Check the contractor’s reputation as they may run several businesses or change the name of the business.
  • Check their names in the Consumer Beware List and Consumer Protection Act to check for any complaints or charges against them
  • Check with the Chamber’s Better Business Bureau for any information they have on your builder.
  • It is advised to get at least 3 references, even if you have hired a builder on someone’s recommendations.
  • Check the references with people who have got their work done by the same builder.

Maintain everything in writing

Under Ontario law, it is mandatory to maintain contractor renovation in writing. Any home renovation above $50 must be in writing. You will have to pay for any extra work or material that is not mentioned in the contract.

It is advised to get at least 3 written estimates from different builders. Ensure that you make estimates in writing which should have

  • Description of the renovation work that needs to be done
  • A complete list of services and products
  • Prices of the services

Be honest with your budget to get the most out of your renovation. When completing a home renovation project, you are not investing but you are spending money. Cedar Hills Contracting understands all these facts and they work according to your budget and specifications.

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