Get locked in a room with a mission in hand and 60 minutes on the clock. Can you escape before you get locked away for eternity?

Mastermind Escape Room is one of the biggest escape companies serving people with endless entertaining escapes! They have five innovative and immersive escape room locations scattered across the USA. With their intricate plotlines and guaranteed fun, there is no denying that they have won people’s hearts with over 30,000 check-ins and are giving tough competition to Breakout Games, Atlanta!

This article will brush you through the specialties in each of their locations and some other aspects you should know! Read further to learn more!

Mastermind, Augusta, GA

This location offers people five different escape rooms in different genres and difficulty levels, with the newest being the “Cabin in the Woods” game.

Mastermind, Sandy Springs, GA

With six innovative rooms, this location takes the cake with the “Superhero Training Facility” room, giving everyone a taste of the superhero life. You can have a fantastic escape in this room by putting your newly attained powers to the test and locating a dangerous robot!

Mastermind, Overland Park, KS

This conveniently located establishment rocks four challenging escape rooms in which the “bank heist” room has the least escape rate. Can you turn into a smooth criminal for a day and overcome this challenge? Find out at Mastermind Overland Park, KS!

Mastermind, Peachtree City, GA

Another location filled with quality entertainment and endless fun consists of five escape rooms. Among these, the unique one is “Race the Storm,” where you battle with the disaster that nature brings while learning about Georgia’s history in an adventurous way! Because of its educational aspects, this is a great escape room for kids who love experiential learning!

Mastermind, Schaumberg, IL

This final location by Mastermind has four escape rooms ranging from horror environments to sci-fi themes! If you are a fan of the creeps and thrills, you should try the “Sorcerer’s Secret,” where you have to foil an evil sorcerer’s plan and save the day before you escape!

Corporate Events

You can now learn work ethics and highlight your team’s strengths and weaknesses with an escape game! The brand has hosted corporate events for several famous companies like Johnson and Johnson and Mercedes Benz while giving them a break from the monotonous work life.

If your corporate team is unable to travel to the location, they also offer off-site escape games! You can experience dynamic team-building fun and creative genius in the “Corporate Espionage,” which can accommodate a maximum of 144 people simultaneously!

Special Offers

Anyone would appreciate an extra discount! The brand offers discounts for 6+ members, promo codes for games from Sunday to Thursday, and more!

Online Games

Are you a cautious person who prefers the safety of your home? Don’t worry! The brand is all set to bring the adventure to your home through online escape games. With five unique experiences held through video conference apps, you can bond and enjoy with your friends and family through a computer screen!


With top-ratings on eminent websites, this brand has undoubtedly made its mark in the world of escape entertainment. Try their escape rooms now!

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