As an element of security and comfort, audio or video door entry units, intercoms or videophones make it possible to know who has just ringed the doorbell or gate and to open it without having to move. Indispensable in an apartment, doormen are also useful when there is a gate at a distance from the front door. Many functions exist to customize your equipment according to your needs.


The forbel website intercom makes it possible to engage in conversation with the visitor but not to see him, thanks to its system composed of microphones and loudspeakers. The communication is therefore only audio in the same way as a telephone conversation. Some Security Solutions models are equipped with a connection to the door or gate opening system, if they are equipped with an electric strike.

The videophone

The video intercom or videophone, equipped with a camera and a screen placed inside, makes it possible to communicate verbally with visitors, but also to see their faces. Concretely, when a visitor rings, his image appears on the interior screen. It therefore offers more security in the face of strangers.

Wired or wireless intercom?

Intercom or wired videophone

The two parts of the intercom and the videophone can be connected by cables. The type of cable depends on the device and the distance. The indications are provided in the product leaflet.

This solution is the best in the context of replacing an existing product or when the distance between the plate and the handset is very large.

However, this remains the most restrictive solution in terms of installation, since it requires grooves to pull the wires but also a secure electrical installation correctly connected to the electrical panel of the house.

Wireless intercom

Much easier to install, wireless intercoms do not require any connection. The door station and the screen or the indoor unit communicate by radio waves.

Different ranges exist depending on the model. However, these are expressed in free field, that is to say when there is no obstacle. It is therefore necessary to decrease the range for each wall that the device will have to cross.

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