Choosing the right shade of carpet for your home is critical for creating the home décor aesthetic that you want. Carpeting can be such a major component of the interior design of any room and the selection you make will have a tremendous impact on the overall appearance and feel of that part of the house.

But with so many options available, picking a shade can be a tough challenge. You could be sifting through sample books until you can’t see straight anymore, unless you go into the project armed with some valuable information to help better inform your decision.

Carpet installation isn’t something you do and then decide later you’re not happy with the results. There is a lot of work involved in delivering and installing the carpet you want. Once it’s done, you’re not supposed to have it ripped up shortly afterward.

So selecting the proper shade is something you need to do from the get-go. But there are a number of factors that need to be considered as you go through the decision-making process. Interior décor is one, but other facets should also play a role. Here are some of the most critical to keep in mind:

Foot Traffic

Let’s get real for a second, most carpets are going to receive their fair share of punishment from routine foot traffic. The more of it a carpet gets, the more likely the carpet will start to look dirty, dingy, and worn out. Even with careful proper maintenance, carpets can be tough to keep clean and looking their best when they are subjected to feet and shoes walking across it.

Keeping that in mind, consider first how much foot traffic you might expect to go through the room where you plan on laying down your new carpet. Lighter and brighter shades of your preferred color will require you to practice strict routines for proper care and maintenance. Homeowners with new carpet of a lighter shade will need to seek out professional carpet cleaning in Perth and follow helpful carpet cleaning tips to ensure the carpet looks its best.

Even the smallest amount of wear and tear will be visible quicker than with darker shades and hues.

The latter will also be more effective at hiding those tough stains you can’t seem to eliminate due to any number of spills, accidents, and other common impacts that carpets suffer on a regular basis.

Aesthetics of the Room

Choosing the right shade of carpet must also take into account the overall look of the room itself. Carpet color can overwhelm a room, especially if it’s the wrong one. The color and shade you pick can also have an effect on the overall feel, décor, and even the size of the room in which you have chosen to install your carpet.

Now consider all of these factors in relation to where you want your new carpet installed. A common principle about color and shade is that lighter options are ideal for tricking the eye into believing that a room appears much bigger than it really is. Lighter shades can also bring a simplified, minimalist look to a room, which can also make it look clinical or sterile.

On the other hand, darker shades can give the appearance of well-lived in room, some place that is cozy and familiar. But they can also have the opposite effect of lighter colors and shades on tricking the eye into thinking the size of the room is smaller that it is in reality.

Room Lighting

The shade you pick for your carpet can also be affected by the amount of light you have available in the room where the carpet is being laid. This includes both artificial and natural light that enters the room on a daily basis.

A room with plenty of light will appear much brighter when you have a carpet of a lighter shade installed and you can even utilize your carpeting as a tool for bringing more illumination to the overall aesthetic. If the room has multiple windows that can allow for direct sunlight to come in, particularly in the mornings, then a lighter shade of carpet won’t be prone to the type of fading and sun bleaching that can occur.

Carpeting of a darker shade has the ability to make a room look much darker than you might have expected, even with an abundance of light in that room. As you may have also guessed, darker shades of carpet are more susceptible to fading and bleaching from direct sunlight beaming in from the windows around the room.

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