The mess of home moving is all over and now you stand in excitement overlooking the place you will soon turn into your home. There is no secret that our environment affects our mood a great deal. We obviously tend to be more happy and productive when we are surrounded by the things we like. Whether it is cute kitten pattern on the kitchen wallpaper that you see every morning while having breakfast or that soft cozy armchair which gives you shelter after a noisy workday – all these details can easily give you both comfortable rest and cheerful morning.

There are many things to be done after moving in, however making your new place into everything your old one wasn’t is worth being in your priority list. Let’s go through some useful yet simple steps to decorate your new home.

Choose the Colours

First things first – choose the colours. The colours are the alpha and omega of home decorating. If you are moving in an apartment or house with blank walls consider yourself lucky – nothing can personalize your living space more than several bright hues here and there. Our tip is to paint the walls of your dwelling before placing furniture in the rooms. After you have picked up the colour palette it is hundreds times easier to plan the further decoration accordingly, no matter whether you have picked up a different colour for each room or tie the whole dwelling together. A safe bet would be a combination various pastel nuances. However the ultimate choice is always up to you.

Choose the Style

If you have already made up your mind on the style for the interior, you mission is almost complete. If your new dwelling is a house, the easiest solution would be to apply the same style for the interior as the house’s exterior. If you are a happy new apartment dweller, this should be none of your concern. In both cases it is still wide space to show one’s creativity when it comes to the interior decoration. You can opt for several well-established styles, e.g. modern, transitional, farmhouse and. At the same time you are free add to your own brushstrokes to the picture – mixing old and new furniture, adding some elegant window treatments or the accent colours of your liking. One of the new interior trends is wall decals. Such decals will give your dwelling a fresh touch. They will also fit in any interior style as they are fully customizable.

There are plenty of awesome interior ideas out there. Embrace your own vision and may Pinterest help you in your quest.

Finishing Touches

You have finally made it through the thorough and non-stop process of making your perfect interior design come to reality. The walls are painted, the flooring is installed and the furniture is on the spot. You feel yourself satisfied enjoying the harmony of colours. At this point even the smallest chair has found its right place. It is time to fill your new home more with memorable and meaningful items. During this process the rule of thumb is that the larger the room the larger an accessory you can get away with. This also applies to high ceilings and tall accessories, for example, lamps. In order to make the interior more vivid and personal, you can tarp up the rooms with vinyl wall lettering displaying your favourite motivation quotes, funny catchphrases or family members’ names.

On the whole, when decorating your new home you don’t necessarily need a meticulous plan. If you follow several basic decoration rules, some of which we mentioned above, you will find the way to create the interior for your new dwelling as beautiful as you want. Take it as a journey of self-exploration when only you decide the course.

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