The house can be our sanctuary from the outside world, but where do we go when the house becomes the source of our stress? The bathroom is the ultimate space where you can be alone. By locking the door, no one bothers you. Pets, people, your buzzing phone? No one can touch you when you go to the bathroom. Long showers or an intense skin routine are just a few examples of how you can unwind in the bathroom.

However, even as a private space, privacy can still be an issue. Just because others can’t see you doesn’t mean they can’t hear you. Here are three things you can add to your bathroom to increase your privacy:

  1. Tinted Windows and Curtains

If you are the type who enjoys your bath with a view, being high up does not guarantee that no one sees you. When moving into a premade space, you can merely have selected windows tinted. You can enjoy any sunrise and sunset without worrying about being seen by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. It is a quick and simple solution.

In the situation where you have a view, you do not want, have curtains in place. Instead of having blinds, layer two different kinds of white curtains. Overlapping a sheer cloth over a lace-like curtain allows natural light to enter the room without the outside view.

  1. Sound system

When you are less concerned about the noise you make, a sound system is a useful privacy feature. It drowns out the noise you make inside and muffles the sounds from the outside. Remember to set the volume at a safe setting. As much as you want to shut out the outside world, safety is a priority. Test it out until you find a level that allows you to hear any external alarm.

  1. Shower enclosures

Never underestimate shower enclosures. They keep the water from your shower spray concentrated in one space. With that barrier, you do not have to deal with any after shower clean up. The closed area allows you to enjoy your hot shower more, by keeping the steam inside, like a budget sauna.

The shower enclosure though is not limited to this. The enclosures come in varying glass thickness and are effective sound barriers as well, which will neatly muffle your shower and shower-songs. You have no more worries about being heard by other family members.

With a well-installed sound system, you can fully appreciate your alone time. That brings your shower concerts to the next level. In addition to these privacy features, you can add recreational things as well: books, magazines, and other reading material to make your stay more comfortable.

These personal touches are supposed to create a space where you can hear yourself think and reflect. If you have a house full of children, having your partner take care of them while taking a long bath is a good way to pace yourself. Go and establish your personal space!

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