Creating and advocating for a cleaner lifestyle is one of the best ways we can help the environment stay clean as well. With a few adjustments, some simple and some that require more time and money, you can have a greener home too.

Save Water

Although our planet is over 75% water, most of that is not potable, so figuring out new ways to save water (that works for you and your family) is important. Rain barrels can be installed outside to collect rainwater throughout a given period of time; you then use it to water your garden, which minimizes sprinkler and hose usage. You can also consider installing a tankless water heater Williamsburg VA. These compact machines are not only space savers and energy-efficient, but they heat water instantly as you run it, cutting back on the total amount of water you waste overall.

Go Solar

Solar panels are a great way to create an energy-efficient home. The installed panels on your home’s roof will cut back the amount of energy you use on electricity and it will save you money during the months you would use more energy, such as in the dead of summer or the frigid month of January. Although the panels can be expensive, your energy bill will drastically lower overtime.

Try Composting

Humans create a lot of waste that can be turned into healthy fertilizer for the environment. By breaking down organic matter (such as potato skins) at home and moving it to your backyard, you cut back on the number of chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials you use outside. Compost is also very healthy for growing food, so you may even be inspired to start growing vegetables.

There are several steps (and some big ones) you can take to help save the planet in the comfort of your own home.

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