Are you ready to start living the life of a mountain man, but not willing to give up the luxury life of home? Spending time at a cabin in the woods doesn’t always have to mean roughing it. Here are three things to consider living life off the gride without sacrificing luxury.

1. Water

There is nothing like a clean shower, a fresh glass of water and a flushing toilet. You don’t have to pack in your own water and feel dirty just because you are enjoying the great outdoors. There is water in the ground that you can tap into by using a well. A well pump Tampa will then bring the water up, no matter how deep you needed to go, for your use.

2. Electricity

It’s hard to imagine living in this day and age without electricity; almost everything uses it. Having solar panels at your cabin will give you the power of light, but also a microwave, just from the sun’s power. No one ever said you couldn’t enjoy a microwave burrito and listen to the rolling mountain streams.

3. Heat

Getting smokey by the fire may not be your idea of fun. If you want to feel warm next to the fireplace you can get a propane tank. Having a propane tank will allow you to have that cozy cabin feeling even in the winter. You can also use propane to heat a water heater or for an oven. You don’t have to sacrifice fresh baked cookies, even in the mountains.

Getting off the gride is good for the soul, but you are drawn to the luxuries of life for a reason. Having a cabin in the serene outdoors can be made better with fresh water, solar power and the warmth of a good cookie.

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