The garage is one place where we tend to accumulate a lot of items, whether it’s sports equipment, garden tools, automotive tools, handyman tools, and the like. We often tend to place items in the garage and then forget about it; out of sight, out of mind, as they say. But if you have to clean and clear out your garage for whatever reason – whether you have finally decided that it’s time to do it after several years or you are moving to another location – you have to do it in a proper and organised way. Cleaning out your garage is never easy, especially if you have a lot of goods and items in there. You will need all the help you can get. Here, then, is a list of top tips for cleaning and clearing out your garage.

Make a clear plan

Before you dive into the entire cleaning and clearing out process, it’s best if you have a clear plan. This means deciding what to do with your items. You have several options when it comes to this: you can either donate, sell, or throw away. If you decide to donate, it’s best to know from the beginning how you are going to do it. There are different ways to donate, depending on the items which you will donate, be it sports equipment, gardening or DIY tools, or even leftover materials from remodelling or refurbishing such as lumber, flooring, or paint. You should also make a plan in regard to selling items – will you sell some items by holding a garage or yard sale, or are you thinking of selling things online? With your third option, which is to throw away certain items, you also need to decide how you are going to do it – will you hire a truck where you can place all your junk items all at the same time, or will you have someone cart it away for you? Once you have your plan, it’s easier to begin the process.

Create criteria for the items you want to keep

The thing about clearing your garage is that you have to be firm with yourself. You have to establish some ground rules. This is why it’s also a good idea to create criteria for the items you want to keep, as recommended by specialists in house clearance in Cheltenham such as Clear & Clean House Clearance. And no, being sentimental about a particular item won’t help you. Setting criteria for the items you would like to keep will help you save time as well. So what kind of criteria can help you? For instance, you can decide to keep the items which you have used more than one time in the last year. You can also decide to keep things which are working properly; don’t be tempted to keep items which you have been ‘planning to repair or fix’ in the past year or so. If you have any tools or equipment which you don’t often use but which may be difficult to borrow, find, or rent, you may want to keep these as well.

Sort through it all

Once you have your plan and your criteria, it’s time to sort through all your items. It may also be good to do it portion by portion; clear a space in your garden or front area so that you can place items there and then decide which things you want to sell, donate, keep, or throw away. Make sure you have boxes, bags, and bins handy so that you can place items there as you make your decision. When you are finished with a section in your garage, move on to the next, and sort through the items in the same way as well.

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