There’s nothing like owning a historic home. Historic homes are unique, striking and full of character. More than that, there’s a sense of tradition there, of being a steward of history. It’s a joy and a privilege, but it comes with responsibilities. If you’ve just inherited a historic home, or you’re thinking of buying one, or even if you’re a longtime owner who’s looking to do some maintenance, here’s a to-do list to start with. 

Check the Foundations

The foundations have made it this far, but if they’re going to last long enough to pass to another generation, they may need work. Everything from earthquakes to climate change can damage your foundations, but the biggest culprit is probably time. Remember to check the foundations and chimney, inside and out, and look for masonry restoration Washington DC or your area. 

Check the Utilities

Water, heat and electric are the main utilities to check in a historic home. Your water tank may be old and your heating may not be up to snuff anymore. Check your systems for signs of damage, and check the last time you had them updated. Remember that the internet is considered by many to be just as important a utility as water and electricity, and rest assured your historic home was not designed with high-speed internet in mind. 

Check the Roof

The roof over your head is possibly the most important part of your home. It bears the brunt of the damage from heat, cold, rain and falling branches. When was the last time you had it repaired or replaced? remember that when you ignore problems with your roof, you are inviting trouble into the rest of your home. Remember, your historic home doesn’t just belong to you. It’s a responsibility handed down to you from all the previous owners. Your job is to safely pass it on to the next owner. 

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