If you’re planning to sell your home, having a well -presented, low-maintenance garden could increase the value by up to 10%. Even if you’re not a particularly keen gardener, many buyers will want a nice outdoor space to enjoy.

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Your budget, style and the location of your property will determine what type of garden you want to create, but aim to stand out from the crowd and make your home as appealing as possible in order to secure a quick sale at the right price.

City Gardens

Small city gardens may often consist of just a seating area. Having some decking with a small table and chairs and a few colourful well-maintained pots can be very appealing to potential buyers. Hanging a few outdoor lights around trees or shrubbery is also very fashionable and can give your outdoor space a magical look, creating the perfect place for professional couples who want to relax after work.

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Thinking about the type of buyer you are likely to attract is essential when planning. If you’re selling a family home, a lawned play area for young children will be on most parents’ wish list. However, if your home is more suited to a retired couple, they may have more time to spend on their garden but won’t want anything that requires a lot of hard labour. Potential buyers will also want storage for tools and garden furniture, so it is worth investing in some garage shelving from companies such as https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/.

Before spending a fortune on dramatic changes, it’s worth getting a second opinion from a local estate agent. Always use a landscaper who has been recommended. For more inspiration, read this article recently published in the Daily Express Newspaper.

Large gardens can benefit from being divided into BBQ areas, play areas, and seating space, and even a summer house. With more and more people working from home, having a space that is separate from the house and can double up as a home office can be a deal-clincher.

Finally, first impressions count, so ensuring that the front of the house is tidy and well-kept is essential. A hanging basket or two can make all the difference, as can having a newly painted front door to greet visitors.

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