Walk around in Courts, Ikea or any furniture shop like Suar Wood by Wood Capitol in search of the perfect solid wood dining table or wooden coffee table. The probability that you have come across suar wood made tables is 99%.

Suar wood comes from a tree scientifically known as ‘Samanea Saman’ or ‘Albizia Saman’. For regular people, the majestic tree is better known as ‘Rain Tree.’ Over the past few years, suar wood has really grown in popularity.

The most amazing thing about this tropical tree is that it has the perfect shape and can grow up to a height of 80 feet tall (25 metres).

The reason so many people prefer the use of suar wood as first choice to make their furniture is that suar wood offers a wide range of versatility due to its unique qualities and properties. Each tree has its own individual design and interlocking grain pattern. That is why it is nearly impossible to find a piece of furniture made from suar wood that looks exactly like another. Their grains have a natural crisscross pattern that is ideal for long tables in a big dining hall setup.

Furniture made out of suar wood has a rare beauty that will make this furniture the focal point in every room.

Below are some of the aspects that make suar wood the perfect wood for your home furniture or office furniture.


In terms of durability, suar wood is better than most synthetic furniture materials. They can also withstand much pressure without the fear of easy breakage.

Suar wood is chemically treated by a process called vacuum pressure treatment. During the process, the woods are placed inside a large tank. Next the tank is shut tight and a vacuum is created, then the tank filled with water containing preservative. This is done to prevent any damages from pests and fungi and to also prevent the likelihood of the wood developing any cracks in the future.


When you visit any furniture shop with the intent of purchasing furniture, sales staff will show you a variety of premade designs. However, you may not fancy them and would prefer a custom made design. This is where suar wood comes into the picture. Suar wood provides a variety of custom made designs that could definitely tickle your fancy. Whether you want furniture pieces with different shapes, designs or sizes, suar wood is definitely able to cater to your specific liking.

  • COST

Do a little research on the prices of other woods in comparison to suar wood. You will notice that suar wood is really affordable and value for money. Their friendly prices do not come at the expense of inferior quality. At such affordable rates, you are still guaranteed of superior quality furniture.


As long as suar wood is treated with proper care, they can be incredibly strong, beautiful and will serve you for a long period of time.

Below is a simple guide of how to take care of your suar wood furniture.

  • First, wear protective gloves before commencing the furniture maintenance.
  • Secondly, use a soft cloth, wipe off any dust on the wooden surface. Using a soft cloth prevents one from scratching the furniture surface.
  • Next, pour some wood polish on a clean cloth and gently apply all over the furniture.
  • Finally, allow 10 – 15 minutes for the wood polish to soak on the furniture and viola, maintenance is completed.

When you practice the above on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you will be guaranteed of beautiful furniture that is as good as new.

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