FBD Insurance know that losing a passport or having it stolen is every traveller’s worst nightmare. But don’t panic, they’ve prepared a handy 3 step guide on what to do if you lose your passport while abroad.

  • File a police report – If your passport goes missing, you should report it lost to the nearest local police station within 24 hours. Obtaining a written report from the authorities is very important. You will need this report when applying for a new travel document and when claiming your travel insurance.
  • Contact your travel insurance provider – Once you receive the police report contact your travel insurance provider. Have your policy number to hand. If there is a delay in receiving your policy report, contact your insurer and inform them about the delay.
  • Contact the Consulate/Embassy at your destination – They will provide a replacement passport that will let you finish your trip or an emergency travel document that will get you home.

Handy tips to help you avoid a lost/stolen passport:

  • Email yourself or scan a picture of your passport and important documents, so that you can access them wherever you are.
  • Save a contact number for your travel insurance provider on your phone so you have it handy if needed.

In case your passport goes missing, FBD Insurance can cover you with home insurance and travel insurance.


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