It’s your friends at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives again with more landscape lighting tips and tricks to help you beautify your home. Today we’re going to discuss why outdoor lighting is so important for your home’s exterior.

Proper illumination is key because it helps to solve so many potential problems that could arise due to a significant lack of visibility after the sun has gone down. Just because it’s dark out should not limit your ability to enjoy all of the outdoor living space that your home offers. So, in order to give you a better understanding as to why your outdoor lights are so essential, here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from a smart, well-thought out landscape lighting plan:

Brighten Up Your Living Space

Good exterior illumination should be installed around any exterior areas where you and your family spend long periods of time. This could be a patio or deck, maybe a poolside area, even a simple backyard provides your home with additional living space to be enjoyed when you want, not when the sun above decides.

When you add plenty of fixtures to the exterior of your home, you are allowing for greater enjoyment of your exterior living space without having to worry about someone getting hurt due to poor visibility. Barbecues and pool time can still go on well past sundown and the kids can keep playing outside knowing you can still see them from inside.

More About Safety

More lighting around the home means more safety for you, your family, and the home itself. You can add fixtures to places where friends and family use walkways and stairwells, so no one gets injured due to a trip and fall accident in the dark.

Good outdoor lighting can also act as a deterrent against thieves or intruders who may be looking for homes to target. The bad guys thrive in the dark, any time a light is shown on their actions they are more likely to fail and possibly end up in custody. So, they’re eager to find homes that are dark and unattended. But you don’t need to be a victim, not when your home has plenty of exterior lighting to keep the bad guys at bay.

Show Off Your Property

Outdoor lighting can also act as a means for showing off the things of which you are most proud. Your home may have some interesting and unique architectural features or your landscaping may be populated by beautiful greenery, maybe an old oak tree that has been in the same spot for decades. The things you love to look at should be given a spotlight they deserve. With smart and sensible outdoor lighting, you can make these features of your home take center stage.

As a result, your home will enjoy increased curb appeal and you may find it a lot easier to resell your home in the event you intend to put it on the market in the near or distant future.

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