Are you considering removing a tree from your property? Perhaps you want to build an accessory dwelling unit, a driveway, or a pool; and a tree is in your way. Or, your tree is dead, and you feel that you’ve got no other option but to uproot it. Let’s clear this right away: Tree removal is not as easy as you once thought. It’s time-consuming, and at worst – downright dangerous. So, before you pick up that phone and call someone to remove your tree, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Make sure removing a tree is the best option

Before you set about removing a tree, it’s always advisable to ensure that removing a tree is what you really want. Removing a tree is only necessary when its roots are posing a threat to the foundation of your home, blocking your driveway, a storm has damaged your tree, or your tree has insect infestations. Other reasons may include, the tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, for instance, toward your house.

  1. Consider private property laws

Once you have established a good reason for removing your tree, the next step will be reviewing rules and regulations. Remember, some states don’t allow homeowners to remove certain trees. So make sure you check with your local council about this. In addition, you might also need to get your neighbors permission before you remove a tree.

  1. Consider safety

Safety comes first. Ask yourself the following questions: How safe will it be for you and your family to remove a tree? Which potential hazards come with removing a tree? Lastly; do you really have to remove that tree yourself? Potential hazards of tree removal include fire, electric shock, and injuries that can be sustained from a falling tree. Proerty such as fences, sheds, or even your own home or a neighbor’s home could be at risk of damage if a tree falls on it uncontrollably.

  1. Hire a professional to do it for you

Removing a tree needs proper equipment, protective gear, and other tools that you may not possess. Apart from that, you’ll need a wealth of experience that will enable you to perform in a manner that is safe. That’s why it’s always advisable that you hire someone who has done it before. Companies such as will help you find the best way of removing your tree without causing any damage to your property.

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