Whether you are looking for fun activities to keep the kids off video games or you are a firm believer in the paranormal, it can be a fun custom to take steps to ward off evil spirits when moving into a new home. If you’ve come this far, chances are you’re a believer in spirits and otherworldly presences. A new home needs your own stamp and personality and some of these fun rituals are a great way to feel more at home in your new house.

Burn Sage

While telling them to leave, you can add to your probability by burning a stick of sage while you command it. This is known as smudging.

Using a diffuser filled with sage oil can also work to clean any bad energy from the home. Go from room to room and let the sage do its job. Lemon, lavender and peppermint are all good options too. Don’t ever use Ouija boards. Frankincense is a popular choice for new homes.

Make Yourself Heard

Use positive prayer and commands each time you get home to make yourself known to the ghost. If you choose a positive mantra and say it every time you enter the front door it will show your spirit you at not there to harm it.

Without being confrontational you are letting the ghost know you are aware of it. If it feels ridiculous at first try a clear but conversational tone like; “Hello, I am aware of your presence, but I am not here to harm you. I would like you to stop.”


The bedroom can be the scariest room to be in when you fear a spirit is living with you. With a permanent visitor comes inability to rest, so to help you sleep try using crystals.

You could make your bedroom your own, using selenite which is probably the best cleansing crystal on the market, and having one by your bed and in any other places you feel a surge of bad energy. You can wear a small stick of selenite as a necklace to provide a personal bubble of protection.

Visualize Positivity

A very basic way of cleansing your home is one you can do with the power of mind. Just visualizing bright, positive sources of light emanating from your body and spreading within your home can protect and prevent from nasty ghosts.

For the bedroom, focus on a white light, a guardian angel at the end of your bed, watching over you and not allowing any bad spirits through.

Feng Shui

While you’re looking to radiate positivity yourself, you should do the same with each room in your home. Read up on Feng Shui as it is not just a term for funky organizing.

The basic idea of Feng Shui in this instance is to create an environment that supports positive energy by clearing clutter and creating a pathway through your home for the positive energy to flow through.

Consider Help

Some spirits are just stubborn. You may have smudged every room in your house every other day for two months and yet the ghost remains.

Call in an official of the church or a professional spirit releaser to help you. They will need to know as much as possible about what has been going on in the home, so try to note down times and specific locations of anything supernatural.

Don’t let negative energies penetrate your home and get the better of you. You wouldn’t allow negative people in, so don’t allow spirits!

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